The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) is the full-time undergraduate student union at the University of Windsor. It had been many years since their website was created and it was in a major need of an update.

UWSA Old Site

Old Homepage of the UWSA Website

UWSA New Site

New Homepage of the UWSA Website

For this project, I worked with a vendor to design, test and implement the UWSA Website and bring it to the current century. I also created the project brief, wrote the content for the majority of the website, took a lot of photos for the pictures used and maintained the website. I learned a lot about how it is to be on the side of the client.


Initial Site Map of the UWSA Website.

The project took several months to complete and we went through several phases:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Design and Production
  3. Programming
  4. Launch

At every stage, the vendor and client (us) had many tasks and deliverables to ensure the project stayed on track.


Screenshot of a UWSA Service page


Screenshot of the News page


Screenshot of the “Your Ideas” page


Screenshot of the Events page