Unilife Illustration

University is what you make of it! I really enjoyed my university experience and wanted to commemorate the completion of my degrees with an illustration.

I looked back on my five years at university and came up with a list of experiences I related to. With the list of items, I thought of symbols that represented those experiences. Many of the symbols didn’t end up in the illustration and many of the symbols have multiple meanings for me.

Unlife Illustration

My “Unilife” Illustration. It’s a little bit abstract but I really connect to this personal project of mine.

OneStep Polaroid Land Camera

I bought a polaroid land camera at a garage sale and really loved the look of it. I decided to create an illustration of the camera and make a print for myself.

OneStep Polaroid camera on rainbow background

Illustration of the Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Instant Camera.

OneStep Polaroid Land Camera IllustrationI was so glad to find a Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Instant Camera for just $10! It’s more of a collectible but I love how simple and classic it looks. I wanted to keep the illustration clean and simple just like the camera.