Campus Bubble is the place on campus to grab bubble tea. It has a wide variety of choices including milk tea, bubble tea, loose leaf tea and fresh fruit smoothies. Located in the Student Life Centre at the University of Waterloo.

Campus Bubble StoreCampus Bubble was started by the Federation of Students on October 24, 2011. I co-created the logo and have worked on the branding and designing for Campus Bubble since opening day.

I have worked on the day-to-day designs as well as many of the  Campus Bubble campaigns  including three of Tappy’s Birthday (anniversary of Campus Bubble), Tappy Hour (Happy Hour with bubble tea) and the launch of Loose Leaf Tea at Campus Bubble.

To see the branding in action, see the video below of the 2nd anniversary of Campus Bubble.

Some of the printed and digital materials designed for Campus Bubble.

Some posters, and digital materials designed for Campus Bubble.

I worked on the branding of Campus Bubble and also took photos at events.

Celebrating Tappy's 3rd Birthday

Celebrating Tappy’s 3rd Birthday