Act by Heart has a web course in stress management and personal development to help guide you to live the life you want.

We put a lot of importance on our physical health, but it’s just as  important to take care of your mental health. I teamed up with Act by Heart to create an online course with exercises that help you manage stress and to be more mindful. Learn more about the course here (in Swedish).

I was the User Experience Designer for the project and planned out the concepts for the course. I created wireframes and mockups and worked with the developer and project leader to implement the site. I also designed the icons, illustrations and the look and feel of the site.

Fun fact: The web course is in Swedish!


A preview of some of the sketches made during initial meetings

Before opening any design programs, we spent a lot of time brainstorming what we wanted for the course. I learned about the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) method which was the basis for the course. The course was supposed to support different types of activities and we wanted this to be clear for the site. I went through many iterations of sketches before we found something we wanted to work with.


Low-fidelity wireframes for the web course

After the initial sketches, I worked on some wireframes to give us an idea of how the site might look. I worked closely with the developer to ensure that the wireframes could be coded up for a website.


High-fidelity wireframes for the home page and a screenshot of the home page after the site was launched

While the developer was working on the basic structure of the platform, I refined the wireframes and added details. I worked on the look and feel of the website and created a style guide to use for future assets.


Illustrations for the Act by Heart home page


Icons that represent training, reading, writing, listening and video exercises for the course

The site is responsive and designed with different screen types in mind.



The course is now live. We went through several rounds for testing to receive user feedback before the site was launched. We are continuous seeking feedback so that we can continue to improve the website and improve the experience of our users.


I completed the course myself for testing but also for stress management purposes